Health Care Reform Dashboard

Health Care Reform Dashboard

Charting Developments with the
Affordable Care Act and Beyond

Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA)

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Health Plan Coverage Required for COVID-19 Testing

Summary Health plans now are required to cover the cost of over-the-counter COVID-19 test kits obtained without a health care provider’s prescription or clinical assessment. The new requirement is addressed in a set of FAQs issued January 10 by the U.S. Departments of the Treasury, Labor, and Health and Human Services. The Upshot Plans must meet the [&hellip… Continue Reading »

Upcoming Compliance Deadlines for Health and Welfare Plans

Summary Throughout 2020 and 2021, employers sponsoring health and welfare plans have needed to respond to a myriad of legislative and regulatory changes arising from the COVID-19 pandemic and new health legislation. To comply with these changes, employers may need to work with their vendors, amend their plans, and take other action. In this alert, [&hellip… Continue Reading »

Keeping Up With No Surprises

Summary Two sets of rules were issued last month by federal agencies as part of the No Surprises Act. The Upshot The proposed rules come into play when an individual receives out-of-network care in at least one of the following situations: in an emergency, when an out-of-network provider furnishes services in connection with care provided [&hellip… Continue Reading »

Enforcement Delayed Under the New Health Plan Disclosure Requirements

Summary Three federal agencies, the Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, and Treasury, jointly released new FAQs on August 20, 2021, regarding compliance with new health plan disclosure requirements of the Transparency in Coverage Final Rules (TiCFR), the No Surprises Act, and additional transparency provisions under the Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA). In the FAQs, [&hellip… Continue Reading »

New Regulations Aim to Prevent Surprises in Medical Billing

The U.S. Departments of the Treasury, Labor, and Health and Human Services, along with the federal Office of Personnel Management, have jointly issued interim final regulations under the No Surprises Act. The regulations elaborate on the already detailed requirements in the Act, which was signed into law in December as part of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021. [&hellip… Continue Reading »